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Create your family heirloom today,  using our full size cradle plans, rocking horse plans , doll cradle plans or rocking motorcycle plans. Besides woodworking plans for swinging wood cradles we have  baby cradle spindles, cradle mattress and the rocking horse mane, seat vinyl, plastic eyes and other rocking horse finishing supplies.

A word about our patterns: Our rocking horse and cradle plans (as well as our hundreds of other plans for toys, clocks and crafts) are full size woodworking blueprints complete with instructions to guide you along to build the projects shown here. We also supply rocking horse and cradle trim/hardware packs to finish these projects. We have been providing these and other plans for 40 years to tens of thousands of satisfied woodworkers of all skill levels. The results are happy builders and joyous riders.
Try one today, we think you'll be glad you did.

Baby cradle plans are full size drawings with instructional text to guide you in building these sturdy and useful cradles.

                Build our  pendulum swinging cradle for babies using our full size detailed baby cradle plan. It will surely become a family heirloom to pass through generations. Make the cradle  from 3/4 " stock. We offer preturned wood cradle spindles, cradle mattress and more. Size 21" x 35" x 39" high. Our step by step full size detailed plan also has layout-cutting diagram and materials list. Our swinging pendulum baby cradle plan is a favorite  design featuring safety approved spindle spacing, limited swing and solid end panels for safety.
Plan #362 $14.95.

We also have Doll Cradle Plans below.
                Maple Spindles/Hardware For Cradle 362
A pack of 20 maple spindles 11" long. Supplied with music box, swing-lock and pivot bolts/collars hardware set.   #MAP362 $53.00
              Oak Spindles/Hardware For Cradle 362
Pack of 20 oak spindles, 11" long. Also supplied with music box, swing-lock & pivot bolts/collars hardware set. #OAK362 $56.00
                 Please note: Both Spindle/Hardware packages above are supplied with Birch heart rosettes to cover the pivot hardware as detailed on the cradle plan.
You may wish to use the optional pressed wood rosettes shown here instead of the birch hearts. Pressed wood rosettes are priced each.
You will require 4 per cradle.
#50601 Birch size 2" dia. $1.90 (
need 4 per cradle )
#50701 Oak size 2" dia. $2.20  (
need 4 per cradle )


Foam base mattress is covered in a quilted vinyl,
to fit the bottom of the cradle.
 Made of premium polyurethane foam base for support and stability. Waterproof and safe- no toxic phthalates or lead.
Meets consumer product safety standards.
Wipes clean easily with a damp cloth.
 Size is 15-1/2" x 30" x 2" to fit cradle plan # 362.
#95362 Mattress $42.00
                 Knit  100% cotton sheets with an elastic
band for a snug fit for the mattress. Soft pastel colors.

#95368 Pink Sheet $8.50
                  #95369 White Sheet $8.50
                  #95374 Floral Sheet $8.50
                  #95372 Lamb Sheet $8.50
                  #95370 Blue Stars Sheet $8.50
                     Use our full size plan to build a  Colonial style hooded rocking cradle for baby.
When baby outgrows it, pass it on to others to create a family heirloom or it can even be used to hold blankets, magazine, etc. Size 20" x 34" x 26" high.
Plan # 230   $9.95
                  Special Delivery
Make this 38" x 48" yard stork to announce the latest arrival.
Plan #474 $8.95
    Classic Motorcycle Rocker uses pine and walnut for a knockout style. Fully detailed with full wrap fenders, spoked wheels, springs and shocks, a gorgeous gas tank and a deep comfy seat. Size 44"l x 27"h. Seat height is 18". No lathe needed as preturned parts are available. The trim pack has wood buttons, discs, dowels, headlamp ball and steel reinforcing braces. A prize winning design.
Plan # 882 Motor Cycle Rocker $14.50
Trim # 19882 $30.95
Build a classic rocking horse, sized just right for younger riders. The seat height is 18" above floor. The horse is 36"l x 24" h. Make from 3/4 & 5/4 stock. Trim has material for mane, tail, foam for seat, vinyl for seat and bridle, plastic eyes, bridle tacks and wood screw hole buttons.
Plan #245 $11.95
Trim #19245 $12.25
                 New England Rocker
This antique style horse sits low to floor so it is great for younger riders. Size 24"h x 13"w x 44" long. Trim has bridle rings. eyes and buttons to cover screw holes. Seat height is 14".
Plan #338 $15.00
Trim #19338 $11.95
                     King of the Jungle Rocker  is 52"l x 35" h. Body is formed by glueing up stock to make it 6" wide &the carousel style head is absolutely stunning. The trim pack has fur for mane, vinyl for saddle, eyes, steel braces & dowel.
Plan # 428 $12.95
Trim # 17428 $35.00
                All time Classic Rocker  is 35" high and 58" long. The seat height is 24". Make from 3/4 and 5/4 stock. The trim pack has material for mane, tail, bridle, seat, saddle, stirrup, eyes and wood buttons.
Plan # 400 $14.50
Trim # 19402 $34.00
                       Rolling Charlie Horse is a delight for toddlers, our foot propelled horse is very easy to build with the full size plan. Minimal tools required are sabre saw, router and drill. .The seat height is 12" . Overall size is 24" x 19". If you cannot make the 6" wheels yourself, you can easily substitute  our 5-1/4" diameter wheels available on our wood parts page. The trim pack for this project contains eyes,
bridle tacks, and vinyl for ears and bridle. The mane is painted on as per the pattern.
Plan #335  $4.95
Trim # 19335 $4.75
                Full size plan to build this rocking  Dalmatian  Doggy is perfect for the entry level woodworker. This darn cute rocker is very easy to build with our full size plan. The size makes this ideal for the younger set. Sure to win a spot in the hearts of little riders. The seat height is 15" above floor. The overall size is
32" long and 27" high.
Plan #509 Dalmatian Rocker $9.95
                A fine rocking horse for toddlers, because the seat height is only 6 inches above floor. Very easy to build this toddler rocking horse with the full size plans. Painting details shown on the full size plan. Size of the finished rocker project is 16" x 22".
Plan #350 Toddler Rocker $5.95
                Mini Bessie Cow and Mini Mare Rockers
Adorable rocking farm animals are as cute as can be. The seat height is 18" and the body length is 24". You get both the cow and mare on this  one  plan.
Plan #446  Cow & Mare Rockers $11.95
                   Stick Pony
A classic. We use soft vinyl for the mane.
Trim pack has vinyl for mane, eyes, and bridle rings.
Plan #336 $2.00
Trim #19336 $4.89
                  Doll Cradle
A scaled down version of our large baby cradle, use this plan to build a pendulum swinging cradle for dolls. Size 12" x 21" x 24"h.
Trim pack has 20 spindles &  4 rosettes, swinging bolts and music box.
Plan #357 $5.95
Trim #19357 $16.95 Maple Spindles/Hardware Doll
Trim # 18357 $27.00 Oak Spindles/Hardware Doll
                Dolly Cradle
This cute cradle for dolls is 12" w x 18" long.
Full size plan for you to make a doll cradle.
Easy to build from 3/4" pine, a fine project for the beginner.
Plan #342 $5.95
      Rocking Horse Trim Supplies  Rocking Horse Trim Supplies
                      Antique finish buckle to decorate bridle & stirrup straps.
Fits 1/2" strap. Overall size 2" x 1-1/4" w.
#95021 Buckle $1.95 ea.      $14.00 / 12        
                Very finely detailed, brass horse ornament is great for decorating rocking horses. Size is 2-3/16" wide x 1-1/4" tall. Supplied with fastening nail or you can apply with silicon adhesive.
#62327 Horse $1.50 each     10 for $14
                     Very finely detailed, brass western boots ornament is great for decorating rocking horses. Size is 3/4" wide x 7/8" tall. Supplied with fastening nail or you can apply with silicon adhesive.
#62325 Western Boot 80 each    10 for $7.25
                 Use our black high strength webbing for bridle strapping  to make  harness trim and   use for attaching stirrup u-bolts since it will not break under pressure.
Size is 1/2 inch diameter x 48 inch length. 
#95041 Webbing Strap  $1.25
                 Brown vinyl is used to upholster the seat and saddle
on rocking horses and toys. This is a supported vinyl with a backing
for better durability and  feel. This is the same vinyl supplied in the
trim packages. Size is 12" x 13".
#95016 Brown Vinyl $2.39
                  Blue vinyl can be used to upholster the seat and saddle
on rocking horses and toys. This is a supported vinyl with a backing
for better durability and  feel. Size is 12" x 13".
#95063 Blue Vinyl  $2.99
                  Red vinyl can be used to upholster the seat and saddle
on rocking horses and toys. This is a supported vinyl with a backing
for better durability and  feel. Size is 12" x 13".
#95064  Red Vinyl  $2.99

Plastic craft eye is 3/4 inch diameter (18mm).
Has shank for fastening into hole in wood.
Other eyes available on the Craft Eyes link page
#OE7 Yellow/Black     60 cents each      $22/50     

                     Antique finish  corner brace to reinforce seats and
runners on rocking horses.  Size 1-1/2" x 1-1/2".
#77005 Brace 40 cents each         $30.00/100
                 Wood Button / Wood Disc
Hardwood wood button to cover screw holes
Fits 3/8 dia. hole. Head Diameter of button is 1/2" #51012 $3.50 / 100
Fits 1/2" dia. hole. Head Diameter of button is 5/8" #51014 $3.50 /100
Birch domed disc has flat bottom. Diameter 1". #51094   $10.00 / 50
                   Brass plated steel tack ring with a high domed head is used to trim the bridle on rocking horses. Many other craft uses. Size  7/8" diameter. Overall length 7/8".
#95008 Tack Ring 45 cents each       $30.00/100
                   Soft foam is used for padding seats. Easily cuts with scissors.
No choice of color. Color will vary according to stock available.
Size is approx. 1" x 7-1/2" x 9-1/2".
#95005 Foam $1.75 each     $9.00/6      $16/12
                   Sandy dirty blond color soft craft  fur with a fabric backing is what we use on our rocking horse for the mane and tails. Attach to wood horse with a utility stapler.
#95015  Craft Fur Size 6" x 26" $3.49
                  Decorative upholstery tack. Antique brass finish.
Approx. 1/2" dia. head with 1/2" shank.
#95009 Upholstery Tack   5 cents each     $6.00/200      $27.00/1000
                  U-Bolts are used to construct stirrups. The are large enough for childs foot and are made of  nickel plated steel. Size is 4" center to center and 5 inches high.
Make foot brace from wood to fit.  Use only high strength webbing
(available above ) to attach to the rocking horse.
#95020 U-Bolt $2.75 each    $26.00/12      $45.00 / 24

   Engraved Personalized Nameplates
Custom Engraved Brass Nameplates add a personal touch to your projects. We have 2 sizes available, easily attached with included fasteners. Text is in block capitals ,( except Handcrafted By / Handcrafted For on large plate  which is  script ).
The 1/2" x 3 inch plate is available with one line of text.    The 1" x 3 inch plate is available with 3 lines of text.
When ordering, please write out exactly what you want on each line.      Maximum of 26 characters/spaces per line.
One Liner Stock # 99995 $2.50 each       Three Liner Stock #99998 $4.95 each

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